Whole Country Hams

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Whole Country Hams


Age makes the difference. Our hams are salt cured, hickory smoked, and naturally aged for at least 10 months to give you the best in country flavor.

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    This will be my third year to buy whole hams from Rices country ham store. For years my father in law drove back in the country to a man that cured hams just for his family and my father in law. When the old man passed away our family tradition of real country cured ham at Christmas was lost. We tried several year to replace that flavor with no luck. While looking for another mail order ham I ran across Rices web site and ordered a whole ham and expecting the same results. Finally we had found it. So much so that I drove from alabama to the store (about a 3 hr. Drive) to buy two plus bacon and sausage. My wife and I are planning the trip again right now. If you love true country cured ham this is it, look no further.

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