Sliced Country Ham


Sliced Country Ham


Now you can enjoy our famous Country Ham a little at a time. We will slice and vacuum seal your ham in convenient packages. When buying a whole ham or half ham sliced the center slices will be packaged two slices per package. The end slices will be packed with three or more slices per package.

15-16lbs $76.99

16-17lbs $80.59
17-18lbs $83.99

18-19lbs $87.59

19-20lbs $90.99

20-21lbs $94.59


These are pre-cut weights. The hams will lose weight during the slicing process. See our question and answer section for more information.

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    The best ham I have eaten. Not too salty, just right.
    My wife’s aunt, who is 90 really bragged on the ham
    an especially the red eye gravy. She speaks from
    experience because her dad use to cure
    his own hams to feed his family, so she knows her hams.

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    I prefer a whole ham but buy it sliced because I don’t have a large family anymore and so I find that the wrapped slices are much easier to prepare for one or two people.

    Whether whole or sliced, an authentic country ham is completely different and much better than a supermarket ham (called a “city” ham.) Supermarket hams (and bacon) are quick cured by injecting them with water and salt brine and many of them are smoked with liquid smoke solution and flavored with injected extracts of maple, honey, etc. and then cooked. An authentic country ham is dry cured, aged, hung, cool smoked in a smokehouse, and allowed to hang and improve some more. A city ham is bland and full of water. A country ham is aged, uncooked, fermented like a fine cheese, funky and alive.

    I have ordered from for several years and prefer their ham and their bacon more than any I have ever sampled. I may be a yankee from NY but I have bought many a ham from several southern states while serving in the US Army as well as hams from Italy and Spain and in my opinion Rice’s hams and bacon are the best of the best.

    I don’t throw any part of their ham or bacon away. Ham fat, skin and bones, as well as bacon grease are rendered down and saved for fat and cracklings to use for frying meat for chili, and for adding smoked ham goodness to baked beans, greens, and pea soup.

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    This is the best country ham I have ever had…remind’s me of home when I was a little boy and my dad would cook breakfast for all of us with redeye grave for soppin get some of this ham and you’ll see what I mean, it’s the real thing.

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    I grew up in Gallatin Tn a short distance from MtJuliet.We would get Rices country ham every year.Since I have moved to Texas I have ordered a ham every year and it is the best country ham I have ever found.Brings back memories of my childhood and my grandfather slicing some for Christmas breakfast.
    Here in Texas there is no choice of country hams just the pre packaged in the store that is a poor example of country ham.I am going to miss my ham this year ,I waited too late to order and you are out of stock but I wont let that happen again.
    Rices you are the best and as soon as you have more hams I will be ordering.

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